Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sophie Sophie Sophie

I've been accused of not sharing enough pictures of Sophie, so I'm going to rectify that situation and post a whole bunch.  I think it's due to the phenomenon of the I-phone camera (which I did NOT have with Sarah and Ethan), but Sophie doesn't seem to be falling victim to the traditional "no pictures of the third child"  It's so easy with a camera always in my pocket, and she's just always doing something cute.  So, now that I've taken time to download the pictures, I'll share a few with everyone.
Eating Daddy's sunglasses

Sophie with her two favorite people!  They are awesome older siblings!

I think she learned some smiling skills from Uncle Steve

Apparently, so did Daddy...

dang... this was supposed to be a video of her playing pat-a-cake and laughing...  I'll have to try that one again later.

Kisses, Darling!!!

There's just something about a sleeping baby...

Hanging out with her best friend
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Springtime Fun

Our spring has been pretty crazy, but SO fun, as we've had lots of visitors and exciting things to do...

On Easter, we had Sophie's baby blessing.  We were privileged to have a LOT of family (literal and adopted) there, including my brother, Shawn's brother, the Eliassens, the Halls (both generations), and the Larsens.  Unfortunately, the camera didn't make it out much.  These are the only shots we got of the kids in their Easter finery.  We had a great time, though! 
In May, our nephew Justin graduated from Carrollton High!  I can't believe we're that old...  But we're SO proud of him.  Marie was able to come out for the graduation (and to play with us).  We loved having her here, and still think she ought to make it a permanent transition ;)

Justin marching into the stadium
As part of Marie's trip, we all took off up the Georgia Mountains to Cloudland Canyon State Park for a little hiking.  The views were spectacular.  We hiked to the waterfalls, which were pretty enough to make the 1200+ stairs worth it. (The trick was, you climbed DOWN the stairs to get to the falls.  You kept going, because you were more focused on getting to the falls than the fact that every stair you climbed down, you would then have to climb back up.  Devious, really.  But still fun!)

Brendan holding up the giant boulder

The whole gang.  Even Sophie enjoyed the hiking!

Morgan, Brendan, Justin and Rick

Hey look!  They CAN get along!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures Part III
The third and final installment in the massive picture update.  These ones aren't in chronological order, since they came from a variety of sources, including my phone, which is also why the quality on some of them is not so hot.  Enjoy!

Sophie staring at herself in the mirror.  She LOVES her reflection!

Sophie's one-month birthday.  We celebrated with some chocolate cake and strawberries!

Ethan's preschool Thanksgiving feast

At the park in JANUARY, enjoying 70 degree weather.  We LOVE southern winters!

Proof of Pregnancy.  This is pretty much it for prego pictures.

Ethan at his Pre-K Valentines Day Dance.  He was easily the best looking little guy there.  (And he knew it.  His teacher said, "Ethan, you look adorable!" and he responded with, "No, I look HANDSOME!)

Ethan's post-dance cookie party

Kisses for his "perfect" baby sister.

Tiny fingers.  Huge hand.  (Sophie being held by cousin Brendan, who, they tell us, used to also be small once upon a time...)

"Don't mess with me, punk...  I'll see you in the ring!"  Our little boxer :)

She DOES smile when awake, but she won't let us photograph it. (something about losing the smile's soul).  But I did manage to catch this one while she was having a pleasant dream.

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Part II
Apparently, There's a Limit...
It would appear that my blog  will only take so many pictures at a time.  So here's the next set of pictures

 Christmas Continued...

gotta love the enthusiasm

Baking Cookies in our beautiful new kitchen

Mittens the Cat in her Ballerina outfit...

Mittens the Cat post-haircut.  It's just easier this way for everybody. (Even the cat seems to prefer it)

Shawn and Sarah on their way to the Daddy-Daughter Valentines Dance

Snow can be beautiful... especially if it melts by noon :) (this is the view from our back deck)
Baby Sophie's first weigh-in.  Thus begins her aversion to the scale.

Our little family

St Patrick's Day-- We had some leprechaun visitors who brought lucky charms, green attire, and a pot of gold!

All three kids in their St Patty's attire.  Even Sophie got in on the fun!
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